6 Best Exercises That Target Upper & Lower Abs

There’s no denying that a six-pack can make you look stunning in a summer bikini, but abs also serve another more important purpose. Your abdominal muscles help to protect your vital organs, support your spine and are the foundation of your everyday movements. Here are 6 of the best upper and lower abs exercises for a workout to strengthen and tone your core.

6-Best Exercises that target upper and lower abs

Working out your abs is only half of the solution to a defined and toned midsection.

The other half is uncovering your abdominal muscles. It’s no secret that abs are made in the kitchen, and you will need a healthy diet to reveal all of your hard work.

So how do you go about making abs in the kitchen?

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6 Best Exercises That Target Upper & Lower Abs

Upper & Lower Abs Workout Overview: Complete 30-seconds of each exercise with a 10-second break in between. After completing all exercise (one circuit) rest for 60-seconds. Repeat the process until you have finished the circuit three times.

You will require roughly 18 minutes to complete this workout.

Exercise #1 – Basic Crunch.

Benefits: Crunches flex your rectus abdominis muscle, one of the major core muscles which provides stability for the body.

Exercise #2 – Mountain Climber.

Benefits: Mountain climbers are great for building core strength and agility. This exercise not only targets your upper and lower abs but also works your shoulders, arms, chest, and legs.

Exercise #3 – Cocoon.

Benefits: Even though cocoons aren’t as popular, they are one of the best lower and upper exercises to include in your ab workout. Cocoons work out your entire core and help to define your abdominal muscles.

Exercise #4 – Elbow to Knee Crunch.

Benefits: The elbow to knee crunch is a full core workout that can enhance your physique and boost your overall abdominal strength.

Exercise #5 – Scissor Kick.

Benefits: Scissor kicks target the hip flexors and transverse abdominis which is the deepest muscle in the stomach. This helps with stability, posture, and balance.

Exercise #6 – Plank.

Benefits: Planks are one of the best upper and lower exercises to include in your workout. Performing planks help to tone your belly, reduce back pain, increase flexibility, and improve balance and posture.

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How did you go with these exercises? Did you power through your workout a feel the burn? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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