ACT now offers 1000 GB at 999 Rs in Delhi | ACT Fibernet Broadband plans 2018

ACT Fibernet Broadband plans 2018

ACT Fibernet Broadband plans 2018

As you know Jio is currently planned to launch its Fibernet Broadband aross the country and Jio is the only operator which is providing data at a very cheap rates for both mobile and broadband users. Other mobile telecom operators have already lost 20-30% users after the entry of Jio in the Telecom Industry. Now Jio is going to launch its broadband services, other broadband service providers doing hard as possible to retain their customers and provinding more and more data in their plans as compared to their previous plans. Bsnl and Airtel has already giving cheaper broadband plans to its users and bsnl has the cheapest broadband plan which starts from 99 rs. Now this time ACT has launched its best Fibernet Broadband plan which offers 1000GB data. In this article i am gonna show you about ACT Fibernet Broadband plan of 999 rs Offering 1000 GB data and their other broadband plans. Let’s take a look at ACT Fibernet Broadband plans 2018.

ACT Broadband plan offer 1000 GB data in New Delhi

After the announcement of Jio Fibernet, many operators like airtel, bsnl trying to retain their users by giving more data in the same plan. This time ACT has launched its best plan by offering data 1000 GB at 999 inr. The plan offers 150Mbps(18.75 MBps) speed and 1 Mbps(120 KBps) after consuming 1000 GB data. The name of this plan is ACT Platinum Promo. You can easily subscribe this by visiting ACT branch in your Area or you can also subscribe this plan only.

Note: 1 MBps(Megabyte per second)= 8 Mbps(Megabits per second)

How to Subscribe ACT Fibernet Platinum Promo Broadband Plan Online

You can Activate ACT Fibernet Platinum Promo Broadband Plan easily by doing 3 simple steps:

1. Visit ACT website a select ACT Platinum promo 999 inr plan in your circle.

2. Tap “Enquire Now” after selecting the Fibernet Platinum Promo Broadband Plan.

3. Submit your details and wait for the Representative to conact you shortly.

Other Broadband Plans by ACT Fibernet

ACT has a very wide variety of plans for their users starting from 424 to 5999 inr and most of the plans are different in different regions. Here is the list of Broadband plans provided by ACT:

1. ACT Basic Rs 424 plan – 10 Mbps upto 100 GB, 512 Kbps beyond (Not Available in New Delhi)

2. ACT Silver Promo Rs 749 – 100 Mpbs upto 500 GB, 512 Kbps beyond (Promotional offer)

3. ACT Silver Rs 1199 – 100 Mbps upto 500 GB, 512 Kbps beyond

4. ACT Gold Rs 1499 – 125 Mbps upto 750 GB, 1 Mbps beyond

5. ACT Platinum Rs 1999 – 150 Mbps upto 1000 GB, 1 Mbps beyond

6. ACT Remarkable Rs 2999 – 125 Mbps upto 1.5 TB, 2 Mbps beyond

7. ACT Exceptional Rs 3999 – 150 Mbps upto 2 TB, 2 Mbps beyond

8. ACT Phenomenal Rs 4999 – 150 Mbps upto 2.5 TB, 2 Mbps beyond

9. ACT GIGA Rs 5999 – 1 Gbps upto 2 TB, 10 Mbps beyond (Available in Hyderabad only)

Note: Please note above plans are not possible to be same in all the Cities. Some Different plans in different cities also provided by ACT.

You can check all the plans for your city from ACT Fibernet website. Select your city and then you can see the plans for your region.

That’s all about i have for you in this article about “ACT Fibernet Broadband plans 2018”. I hope you like it. Keep Updated.

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