FIFA World Cup 2018 | Fixtures, Venues, Live Streaming

FIFA World Cup 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018

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FIFA World cup simply called football world cup played by international men’s association team after every four years. The full form of FIFA is Fédération Internationale de Football Association and the intial football world cup is stared from the 1930’s but it stopped for some years in between the second world war. The world cup is then continued after the completion of second world war. The Fifa cup is currently playing in Russia which is already started from 14th June, 2018 and will be ended on 15th July, 2018. In this article i am gonna share with you about the fifa world cup 2018 fixture schedule, fifa world cup 2018 venue list,
fifa world cup 2018 teams list and
fifa world cup 2018 live streaming channels. There are total 32 teams with 5 teams are from confederations group playing this world cup and it will be played at 12 venues across 11 cities in Eastern Europe. This world cup is going to be the most expensive world cup as the estimated cost for this world cup worth over $14 billion.

Fifa World cup 2018 fixture schedule

The full fifa world cup 2018 fixture schedule is here as there are few matches are already played (at this time of posting). The starting match are playing in the Group Stages. The First match was played between Russia vs Saudi Arabia and Russia has won the match by 5-0. Second match was Egypt vs Uruguay and intersingly Uruguay won the match by 1-0. 3rd match was Morocco vs Iran and Iran also won this match with 1-0. The Fourth match was played between two big champions Portugal vs Spain and surpisingly no team has won the the match and it ends as draw with score 3-3. Now let me give you the remaining Fifa World cup 2018 Fixture Schedule. Here are the remaining fixtures:

16th June 2018

1. France vs Australia at kazan

2. Argentina vs Iceland at Moscow, Spartak

3. Peru vs Denmark at Saransak

4. Croatia vs Nigeria at Kaliningrad

17th June

1. Costa Rica vs Serbia at Samara

2. Germany vs Mexico at Moscow, Luzhniki

3. Brazil vs Switzerland at Rostov-on-Don

18th June

1. Sweden vs South Korea at Nizhny Novgorod

2. Belgium vs Panama at Sochi

3. Tunisia vs England at Volgograd

19th June

1. Colombia vs Japan at Saransk

2. Poland vs Senegal at Moscow, spartak

3. Russia vs Egypt at St Petersburg

20th June

1. Portugal vs Morocco at Moscow, Luzhniki

2. Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia at Rostov-on-don

3. Iran vs Spain at Kazan

21st June

1. Denmark vs Australia at Samara

2. France vs Peru at Ekaterinburg

3. Argentina vs Croatia at Nizhny Novgorod

22nd June

1. Brazil vs Costa Rica at St Petersburg

2. Nigeria vs Iceland at Volgograd

3. Serbia vs Switzerland at Kaliningrad

23rd June

1. Belgium vs Tunisia at Moscow, Spartak

2. South Korea vs Mexico at Rostov-on-Don

3. Germany v Sweden at Sochi

24th June

1. England vs Panama at Novgorod

2. Japan vs Senegal at Ekaterinburg

3. Poland vs Colombia at Kazan

25th June

1. Uruguay vs Russia at Samara

2. Saudi Arabia vs Egypt at Volgograd

3. Spain vs Morocco at Kaliningrad

4. Iran vs Portugal at Saransk

26th June

1. Denmark vs France at Moscow, Luzhniki

2. Australia vs Peru at Sochi

3. Nigeria vs Argentina at st Petersburg

4. Iceland vs Croatia at Rostov-on-Don

27th June

1. South Korea vs Germany at Kazan

2. Mexico vs Sweden at Ekaterinburg

3. Serbia vs Brazil at Moscow, Spartan

4. Switzerland vs Costa Rica at Novgorod

28th June

1. Japan vs Poland at Volgograd

2. Senegal vs Colombia at Samara

3. England vs Belgium at Kaliningrad

4. Panama vs Tunisia at Saransk

Round 16

30th June

1. Group C winner vs Group D runner-up at Kazan

2. Group A winner vs Group B runner-up at Sochi

1st July

1. Group B winner vs Group A runner-up at Moscow, Luzhniki

2. Group D winner vs Group C runner-up at Nizhny Novgorod

2nd July

1. Group E winner vs Group F runner-up at Samara

2. Group G winner vs Group H runner-up at Rostov-on-Don

3rd July

1. Group F winner vs Group E runner-up at St Petersburg

2. Group H winner vs Group G runner-up at Moscow, Spartak)

Quarter final

6th July

1. Winner match 49 vs Winner match 50 at Nizhny Novgorod

2. Winner match 53 vs Winner match 54 at Kazan

7th July

1. Winner match 55 vs Winner match 56 at Samara

2. Winner match 51 vs Winner match 52 at Sochi


10th July

Winner match 57 vs Winner match 58 at St Petersburg

11th July

Winner match 59 vs Winner match 60 at Moscow, Luzhniki

Third place play-off

14th July

Loser match 61 vs Loser match 62 at St Petersburg


Sunday 15th July at Moscow, Luzhniki

FIFA World Cup 2018 venues list

The FIFA world cup is held at Eastern Europe across different venues in different cities. This is the 11th time it being played at Eastern Europe. The total of 64 world cup matches will be played in 12 venues in 11 cities. Here you will see the full FIFA World Cup 2018 venues list:

1. Kazan Stadium with Audience Capacity 45,380

2. Ekaterinburg Stadium with Audience Capacity 35,696

3. Fisht Stadium with Audience Capacity 47,650

4. Kaliningrad Stadium with Audience Capacity 35,212

5. Spartak Stadium (Moscow) with Audience Capacity 45,350

6. Luzhniki Stadium (Moscow) with Audience Capacity 50,500+

7. Rostov-on-Don Stadium with Audience Capacity 45,100

8. St Petersburg Stadium with Audience Capacity 64,250

9. Samara Stadium with Audience Capacity 44,800

10. Novgorod Stadium with Audience Capacity 45,000+

11. Volgograd Stadium with Audience Capacity 50,000+

12. Sochi Stadium with Audience Capacity 40,000+

FIFA World cup 2018 Teams List

It’s time for you to know the full World cup team list. There are a total of 32 teams of which 5 of them from confederations Group. Below you’ll see all the Fifa World cup 2018 team list and Groups that are Fighting hard to get the World cup title 2018 with their names.

Group A: Saudi Arabia, Russia, Uruguay, Egypt.

Group B: Spain, Portugal, Iran, Morocco.

Group C: Peru, Denmark, France, Australia.

Group D: Croatia, Argentina, Iceland, Nigeria.

Group E: Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Costa Rica.

Group F: Sweden, Germany, Mexico, South Korea.

Group G: Belgium, Panama, Tunisia, England.

FIFA World Cup Live Streaming Channels

If you don’t want to miss every single Goal that scored by the most famous footballers, then i must say you’re on the right place. I know a lot of People are searching on google about how to watch FiFa world cup online? or how to live stream fifa cup. Here you will know some of the live streaming channels about Fifa world cup 2018 for both Indian and International Football lovers. There are some main channels like ITV, BBC, Sky, Hotstar etc but i don’t know about their Subscription plans. Anyways, forget about paid subscription and lets go over the free ones.

Fifa World Cup Live Streaming channels for India

If you’re from india and a jio user, you can easily live stream fifa world cup directly from Jiotv app on Sony Ten 2 and Sony Ten 3. If you’re not a Jio User, I will give you the Modded Jio Tv app Version from where you can easily Live Stream Fifa World 2018 without any hesitation. Here is the link of Modded JioTv app:


Note: Make sure to check your settings> Enable unknown source before installing Jio Tv Modded apk.

If you’re not from India, You can also download this apk and watch Fifa world cup 2018

Fifa World Cup Live Streaming channels for others

If you’re not from India you can Watch Fifa World cup 2018 through live streaming. Below you’ll find some link for streaming Fifa World Cup live.

1. FuboTv

2. Download TurbeVpn from play store and connect to a server that is faster for you and then visit Match Tv or visit Bbc iplayer. That’s how you can watch Fifa world cup online on Android/Web online.

So, that’s all i have for you in this article about FIFA World Cup 2018. I hope you like it. Let’s enjoy World Cup.

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