How I lost 90 Pounds in 3 Months Without Any Diet Pills or Strenuous Exercise

Did you ever notice that when you’re fat, men don’t look you in the eye?

They look across your shoulder.

There’s no eye contact.

Hi, my name is Brenda McCallister and I’m 41 years young!

Up until two years ago, I was never looked in the eye.

By anyone.

I was too tired to be a lover to my husband. I was falling asleep by 8 o’clock most evenings. When I did go out for an evening, my husband was ashamed of me.

And he said so to my face.

When I walked, my thighs brushed together. I couldn’t even cross my legs.

I was fat.

Not just “overweight.”


I was 5’5 tall and weighed 205 pounds.

About 18 months ago, my husband George left a “Dear Brenda” letter on my dresser.

And filed for divorce.

I went for counseling. I knew that my weight was the source of my troubles. But I’d tried 14 different diets.

One by one.

And I failed at all of them.

My counselor listened carefully and recommended an entirely different program.

This wasn’t a “diet.”

It was a unique new weight loss program based on over 10 years of research led by Brian Flatt, a fitness trainer to the celebrities and weight loss coach.

I started the program on October 2nd. Within the first 7 days, I lost only 4 pounds. So, I was disappointed.

But during the 3 weeks that followed, my weight began to drop.


Within the the next 94 days, I went from 216 pounds to 124 pounds.

To me it was a miracle.

This was the first time in my life I’d ever lost weight and kept it off!

The reason the program worked was simple. I was always eating. I could eat six times every day.

So, I never felt deprived.

Never hungry.

I could snack in the afternoon. Snack before dinner. I could even snack at night while I was watching TV.

So, you’re probably wondering how can you eat so much and still lose weight?

The secret is not in the amount of food you eat. It’s in the prescribed combination of foods you eat in each 24-hour cycle.

Nutritionally dense portions of special fiber, unrefined carbohydrates and certain proteins that generate a negative caloric process that continues all day long…a complete 24-hour fat-burning cycle.

Fat is burned away around the clock.

Not just in unhealthy spurts like many diets.

That’s why it lets you shed pounds so easily. Without hunger. Without nervousness.

And it’s all good wholesome food. No strange foods.

You’ll enjoy a variety of meats, chicken, fish, vegetables, potatoes, pasta – yes, even pasta.

Plus your favorite snacks.

This program must be the best kept secret in America.

Because up until now, only a handful of people know about this. But this way of losing weight fast and permanently is not new. It’s actually been the way of life for generations of people who live in Okinawa, Japan.

Did you know that Okinawan Japanese is one of the healthiest, skinniest and longest-living populations in the world?

At the time of writing, the oldest living person in the world is Kane Tanaka, a 116 year-old Japanese woman who grew up in Okinawa, Japan.

In fact, it was actually Brian Flatt’s grandfather, Graham Flatt who accidentally discovered the Okinawan way of life when he fought the Japanese during World War II and he brought it back to America and taught it to Brian.

I digress, but it’s true. Brian’s weight loss program does work. It has so far helped over 94,531 people lose weight including a 39 year old single mom named Debbie Hayes.

Debbie was one of the many women that Brian introduced to me and served as my inspiration. Debbie’s husband had also left her because she got too fat but she managed to lose over 40 pounds using Brian’s program while at the same time juggling her career and two children as a single parent.

And the great thing about this program is EVERYTHING that Brian teaches is backed by science.

With this program, there are other benefits, too…

  • There are no pills. No drugs of any kind.
  • You’re not forced to eat bland or overly salty foods
  • There’s no strenuous exercise program
  • You don’t count calories. Just follow the program. It’s easy
  • There are no daily charts or records to keep.
  • You eat foods you enjoy. Great variety. Great taste
  • You can dine out
  • There’s much less fluid retention
  • There’s no ketosis. No bad breath odor.

But here’s the best part…

Once you lose the weight, you’ll keep it off. Permanently. I guarantee it.

Let’s face it. We all have “eating lifestyles.” Our eating habits usually include three meals a day. Plus two or three snacks. We all love snacks. Especially at night.

But most diets try to force us to change all that.

And that’s why they fail. Remember, it’s not your fault. It’s the misinformation that you’ve been fed over and over again by the Dr. Oz’s of the weight loss industry.

Brian’s program lets you continue your normal eating lifestyle. You can eat six times a day. You can snack when you wish. So, when you lose the weight, you can keep it off. For good. Because no one’s forcing you to change.

Here are some other success stories who started Brian’s program with me.

Marie C. is a 42 year old woman who went from 167 to 139 pounds in just three and a half months.

“As I got into the program, I began to feel better, to develop more energy. Now my husband has trouble keeping up with me—in every way! I’m proud of my new body.”

Fran H. is a 52 year old woman who went from 223 to 135 pounds in five months.

“The world treats you differently when you’re fat…not just the social world, but the business world. My whole world has changed since getting those 88 pounds off!”

Josette C. is a 33 year-old woman who went from 165 to 119 pound in 4 months.

“My husband has started looking at me the way he did before we got married. He’s starting to show jealousy when other other men look at me or want to talk to me… it’s wonderful.

And then there’s me.

Whenever I see my ex-husband, I have this secret trick I play on him. I know a restaurant where he goes with some of his buddies. I love to go there with a date – I have plenty now – stroll past his table and whisper, “Hello, George.”

I know through the “grapevine” that his friends often ask about me… Who am I?… Am I single? And he has to tell them. I love it.

Obviously I’m excited about this program and the fact that Brian has dedicated his life to sharing his program with women all across the world who have struggled with weight loss.

I would be remiss if I did not help others like me or you who have suffered for countless years to lose weight successfully and permanently and point them in the direction of Brian’s program.

So, if you’re a woman who has struggled to lose weight, you owe it to yourself to watch Brian’s presentation, which you can find right here.

Click here to watch the video now.

I really hope it has even a fraction of the impact on your life that it has on mine because the information you’re about to learn has forever changed my life.


– Brenda

P.S. In Brian’s presentation, his grandfather recounts the story from the moments his plane was shot down in Okinawa, Japan to meeting an 80 year old woman who did not look a day older than 50 to how he came to discover the secret of living healthy and skinny.

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