How to add money in Paytm Payments bank?

How to add money in Paytm Payments bank?

Add money in paytm payments Bank: Paytm has just introduced and provided its banking services to their customers. In the latest update, it provides the banking facilities to every Indian person. The Mobile wallet paytm company had launched their pymemts bank in 2017 after getting an approval from the Reserve Bank of India. How to add money in Paytm Payments bank?

After the Airtel and India post Paytm has become the third entity that launches payments bank in India.

How to use Paytm Payments Bank?

The answer of this question how to use Paytm Payments bank is easy in simple terms. if you Don’t know, follow the steps below:-

1. First of all you need to update your Paytm app to the latest version. After that just open the app and you will see a pop up of Payments bank or you can access it by click on your profile > Saving account.

2. After that you need to open your savings bank account. Just fill out the form in the app like your address, name etc..

3. After that enter your Aadhaar card details, including name and aadhaar number.

4. After all these formalities have done, paytm will sent a representative for the competition of kyc. After the kyc, you will get your bank account with you mobile number as the account number.

How to send money in Paytm Payments bank?

It is clearly seen that paytm is not allowed customers to directly deposit money in paytm payments bank intead you will need to neft or imps from your other bank. Follow the steps in order to add money in paytm payments bank.

1. Open your other account internet banking like sbi, pnb etc. any account that you can fully access the online banking.

2. Login and after that click on transfer funds. You can either select neft or imps as neft is standard payment and it takes 2 to 3 hours. On the other hand imps is instant transfer, it takes upto 1 minute to transfer the funds.

3. After selecting neft or imps, just fill out the form like name of the payee , account number of your paytm bank, ifsc code( search google or you will find it in the app) and finally remarks and do the payment. That’s how easy to send money in paytm payments bank.

So that’s all about how to add money in paytm payments bank. I hope you like it.

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