How to Celebrate Baby’s First Easter

This year is my baby’s first real Easter. Even though he’s 18 months old. Allow me to explain!

Last year I had the most adorable hand me down outfit for my son to wear to church; a great dress pants/vest combo with a little lilac button down shirt.  I also had the perfect shoes leftover from his Christmas outfit that tied everything together.

But, come the day of Easter, on just a few hours of sleep, and since he was only 6 months old, I told myself that I got a pass. So we didn’t really do the full celebration.

This year he is 18 months old, super active and can recognize Santa from pictures so I think it’s time to start making Easter memories. This year will be different!

My mom is crafty, sometimes, and pulled out the Easter baskets my sister and I used as kids.  She told me it was in her, “Grandma Handbook” that she needed to make her grandbaby’s Easter basket so I’ll be leaving that to her.  My basket was the bunny and my sister’s was the lamb so I’m not so secretly hoping that my mom makes him one to match mine.

Grandma is going to drop the basket off a couple of days before Easter so I have some time to fill it before it’s waiting for him Sunday morning.  

We have a great article with some non-candy basket filler suggestions and I am going to add to the list here.  

  1. Stuffed animal – we were at a little knick knack store by our house over the weekend and he latched onto Twinkles, a little penguin.  I’m going to pick a cute bunny or chick beanie baby to help him add to his collection.
  2. Play Dough Mats – my little one loves playing with Play Dough and I am so tired of wiping the residue off the table so I will be printing out a couple of our mats, laminating them and putting them in our basket.  It’s slightly self-serving but it’s also one I know he will love. This will also make taking Play Dough with us places easier to clean up
  3. Slinky – I was walking through some dollar bins and saw some plastic, miniature slinkies.  My kiddo loves the stairs so why not get some entertainment out of them while sitting down
  4. Small candies – I don’t love giving him sugar but I think for a special occasion, it’s worth it.  I’m going to find some gold coin chocolates that I can put in the plastic eggs. He’ll likely have more fun opening and closing the egg but I think (or have wishful thinking) that I can limit the amount of gold coins he eats
  5. Fun book – my little guy loves The Going to Bed Book and we read it every night so after asking other moms of good Sandra Boynton books I ordered Snuggle Puppy.    

We are not dying Easter eggs this year as I don’t think I have the energy to try and keep him in one place for longer than 5 minutes but we are going to do an art project.  I will be breaking the plastic eggs in half, having a plate full of various colors of paint and a piece of paper. I’m going to let him dip his egg pieces in the paint and decorate the paper however he wants.  It will be a masterpiece, I’m sure!

Because we won’t have dyed eggs to hide around the yard, I will place 6-10 of the plastic eggs around a small section of our yard.  I’m looking forward to watch him wander around trying to collect the eggs. Only a couple will have candies in them, the rest will be empty, but I’m hoping finding them will still provide him with excitement.  

His Easter Sunday outfit was the easiest part.  Our church is rather casual so I’m going to make him look adorable but not dressed to the 9’s.  I was at Ross a few months ago and a pair of jeans with suspenders and a light blue flannel shirt/onesie was on sale.  It’s the perfect Easter pastel and if he gets grass stains from the Easter egg hunt on it, I won’t be upset.

For those of you who have older kids and who have been through this age already, please comment about your favorite Easter memories below.  We also have a lot of other Easter articles will a ton of great ideas if you need more suggestions.

And for those of you celebrating your baby’s first Easter, whether they’ve already lived through one or not. Please share you ideas below as well!

Happy Easter!

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