How To Clean Your Microwave (and Tips To Keep Your Microwave Clean!)

Ah, the microwave! Such a convenient tool of modern
technology! It’s virtually changed the way we cook and eat today.

And while the microwave is a great way to heat up food
quickly, it does have one major drawback. It gets really, really dirty! And
when your microwave gets dirty, it’s kind of hard to clean. Those sticky bits
of food get stuck to surfaces and they seem to never want to come off!

Well, if you are having problems keeping your microwave
clean, here are some great tips.

Cleaning the Inside of Your Microwave

There is little doubt that the inside of your microwave will
be the place that gets the dirtiest and is also the hardest to clean. When it
comes to the interior, the lemon juice solution seems to be the most popular.

Start by putting some lemon or lime juice into 1 cup of
water in a microwave safe container. Apple cider vinegar can be used as well or
in addition to provide a deodorizing effect.

Turn your microwave on high until the mixture boils. Let it
cool for five minutes.

The heat and moisture from the water will loosen the
particles inside your microwave allowing you to easily clean them off with a

The Microwave Doors

The rubber gasket around your door will also be a
problematic area. Grease can get on the rubber and that is an unwanted
combination right there!

For this, use a sponge dampened with water and baking soda.
Then wipe with cloth dampened with water only to rinse.

If the window of the door is greasy, you can clean it with a
mixture of half vinegar and half water. Then dry with a clean rag.

The microwave door can also be wiped down with a grease
cutting cleaner.

Cleaning The Exterior of Your Microwave

If your microwave sits on the counter like mine does, it
probably gets dirty from all the food prep you do around it.

If the outside of your microwave is looking yucky, you can
simply use an all purpose cleaner to get it clean. Just be sure not to spray it
directly on the appliance or you’ll risk getting it into the inner workings of
the microwave where it can do damage.

Avoid spraying the control panel directly as well.

When you’re done applying the cleaner, rinse with a clean
cloth and buff dry.

Be sure not to miss the handle as this is a popular place
for build up to occur. You can do this by simply spritzing an all purpose
cleaner on a damp rag.

Cleaning The Underside of Your Microwave

You may want to deny it’s there, but your microwave has an
underside that is ripe for grease and food build up.

And not only that, but I’m sure when you lift your microwave
to clean underneath it, you will find a lot of dirt has accumulated there as

The bottom of your microwave can be cleaned by spraying all
purpose cleaner on to a rag.

Special Instructions

If your microwave has an exhaust system, it will have a
filter that needs to be cleaned or changed regularly. Your owner’s manual will
give you specific directions on how to do this.

If the filter is removable and can be washed, remove it and
soak it in warm water and a few squirts of dish soap. Scrub to get rid of any
debris, Rinse well, shake to remove excess water, dry and replace.

If your microwave is stainless steel, you may want to use
rubbing alcohol to eliminate fingerprints and make the exterior shine.

To do this, dampen a soft cloth with a few drops of rubbing
alcohol and rub it over the stain. Be sure to wipe with the grain of the steel
to prevent a build up of fuzz or small particles.

Preventing Build Up in Your Microwave

Of course, if you want to avoid doing these deep cleanings
often, there are plenty of preventative measures you can take to keep your
microwave’s dirt build up from getting out of hand.

To do this, wipe down your appliance every couple of days.
If you prepare something that gets all over your microwave, clean it off
immediately, before it gets a chance to become a hard to clean mess.

Or better yet, avoid splatters in the first place by
covering foods you are heating with a paper plate or anything else that is
microwave safe and does the trick.

Your microwave is a valuable item in your kitchen. Give it
the TLC it deserves. Clean it regularly so it looks great and functions
reliably for years to come.

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