How to Make Crispy Air Fryer Tofu

Here’s How to Make Crispy Air Fryer Tofu cooked in just 10 minutes! This tofu is delicious, easy to make and great for meal prep!
When I asked a few weeks ago on Facebook what air fryer recipes do you want to see, there was a RESOUNDING “air fryer tofu”!! Well friends, it’s finally here and it is incredibly easy to make too. 

What’s an air fryer? 

crispy air fried tofu in an air fryer basket

An air fryer is much pretty exactly what it sounds like. It’s a small counter top high powered convection oven that through its cooking process, essentially cooks whatever you place in it as if it was being fried, except with air. Yes, that’s right, and it works too! Our air fryer is our most used device in our house and I would highly recommend everyone get one. My mom first asked for one and we were all shocked at what it could do. Fast forward a year later and I wanted one as a gift too. We make everything from fries (that are crispy, delicious and take 20 minutes), to burgers, bagels, toast, crispy roasted breadfruit and even plantain. I love the inside out crisp it gives everything and how quickly it works too. 

How to make air fryer tofu

Making air fryer tofu is so easy and results in the crispest tofu in such a short time. You season the tofu with the seasoning ingredients plus the liquid aminos (or tamari or soy sauce if you aren’t gluten free) and the tiniest amount of sesame oil. I personally like including a little oil for the whole batch cause it really crisps up the tofu but yes, you can skip it. 
seasoned tofu in a bowl to marinate it
In that seasoning mix we have our star ingredient to coat – cornstarch! I mentioned in my how to cook tofu guide that cornstarch is a very useful and even crucial ingredient in yielding deliciously crisp tofu without frying it. It helps to dry out any excess water left after pressing the tofu. Then we air fry it – and that’s it! 
tofu on a plate with a dipping sauce
This crispy air fryer tofu takes 10 minutes. YES, I’m so serious. First, you shake the basket after about 5 minutes of air fryer to ensure nothing is sticking, then let it keep cooking.  You can serve it alone or with a dip, or literally anything your heart desires. You can even switch up the seasoning mix. Here are some ideas as to how: 
Italian seasoning with dried parsley, oregano and dried basil
Bbq seasoning 
Cajun seasoning
The options are up to you! 
tofu being dipped in a dipping sauce with a hand
I hope you love this air fryer tofu friends and totally make it your own! Eat up and enjoy! 

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