Most Common and affordable Airtel Fibernet Broadband plans

Airtel Fibernet Broadband plans

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A few years ago in our country, “India”, we have to pay an expensive amount to buy a 1 GB data pack and that’s not so long ago, its just 2 and a half year since Jio entered in the Telecom industry and changed the lifestyle of a common man. Jio has entered in the Telecom industry in the November 2015 and providing free data to their employees. After that Jio provided free data to their customers by launching some offers that no one had launched before. Finally Jio has officially launched its mobile services for all over the India and giving data at its best and cheaper Prices. All the other operators starts revising its plans after the Reliance Jio offers. If we compare before three years data plans with current data plans, we see that the huge decrease in the data plans prices as we will get 2-20 rs per GB 4g at the current time but the prices were not close enough in this pricelist and the previous price per GB costs us 250 rs. Now, in this article i am not gonna show you mobile plans but i am going to show you the List of Airtel Fibernet Broadband plans 2018.

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Airtel Fibernet Broadband plans are different in different cities across the country. In this article i am gonna show you some common plans that worth to buy. Here is the list of Fibernet Broadband plans:

1. Airtel Broadband 349 Rs plan

Airtel 399 broadband plans offers you unlimited data with unlimited speed of 8 Mbps(1MBps). This is the cheapest broadband plan by Airtel and offers this plans in only Hyderabad circle. Airtel offers best plans for Hyderabad as compare to other circles. If you’re from Hyderabad you can check Airtel broadband 449 Rs plan which also offers unlimited data.

2. Airtel Broadband 799 plan

The 799 rs plan provided by Airtel for all the circles where airtel broadband services are running but the data provided is different for different circles. In most of the circles, this plan provides 100 GB data + 500 GB data with 40 Mbps speed in Megabits. You can covert it to Megabytes to know the actual speed. This plan should be the best buy plan for Home users. You can opt in for 699 Rs plan if you’re from Gurgaon which offers 150 GB data under the plan.

3. Airtel Broadband 999 Rs plan

This is an another common plan in all thr cities where Airtel provides broadband facilities. This plan is also a best plan for users who wants a high speed connection. Under this plan, users will get 250 GB data + 1000 GB bonus data with high speed of 100 Mbps. You’ll also get amazon Prime Subscription and data rollover facilty in this plan. That’s Airtel Broadband 999 rs plan.

4. Airtel Broadband 1299 Rs plan

Airtel Broadband 1299 rs plan is also a best plan for users who consume higher data. Airtel offers 500 GB data + 1000GB extra data as a bonus. The plan provides a 100 Mbps speed which is again a best speed plan. Users will also get Amazon Prime Subscription and Data rollover Facility in the plan.

5. Airtel Broadband 2199 Rs plan

Under this plan, Airtel is giving 1200 GB data + 1000 GB data as a bonus. This plan has also offers a high speed of 300 Mbps. Airtel has also provides Data Rollover facility and Amazon Prime Subscription to their users under this plan. Another simlar plan of 1999 Rs where airtel providing unlimited data with 100 Mbps speed.

That’s all i have for you in this article “Most Common and affordable Airtel Fibernet Broadband plans”. I hope you like it.

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