New 50 Rupee Note with new design

New 50 Rupee Note with new design: Its not been so long since the RBI launched its 20 rupees notes in the Mahatma Gandhi series, and bow there is another official announcement from RBI says that along with the 20 rupees notes, they will release their new series 50 Rupee notes soon in the market. The new curreny will be shortly circulated thought the India, as the reports said.

New 50 Rupee Note with new design

The note comes in “Fluorescent blue” as you can see in the image below. Apart from its color, it has same design as in 500 and 2000 rs notes. This is the new look of 50 rs note

If the 50 rs notes will be dispensed from the ATM machines then there will be separate cassettes for the old and the new notes.

The Narendra Modi-led government has given India something that previous governments hadn’t.

After the November 8, 2016 demonetization came up, Indian Public face issues and difficulty to use Rs 2,000 note. Now, less than a year later, we are all set to get a denomination that might just be a good thing – a Rs 50 note.

In exercise of the powers by sub-section (1) of section 24 of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934 and on the recommendations of the Central Board of Directors of Reserve Bank of India, the Central Government hereby specifies the denomination of bank notes of the value of Fifty rupees,” the official government notification.

While the Centre has confirmed the existence of the Rs 50 notes, it has not offered more details. According to various reports, the RBI is likely to put the proposed Rs 50 bank notes in circulation by the end of August or in the first week of September. An April report in MoneyControl quotes sources saying that the new notes will come with additional security features, to check counterfeiting. They also added that for better security, the central bank has proposed changing features of all notes every three to four years.

Along with the announcement of the Rs 50 note – a new currency note, is psychedelic blue, part of the Mahatma Gandhi series bearing the signature of RBI governor Urjit R Patel – is an interesting turn of events. It is also noteworthy that, as per the RBI, all the Rs 50 notes issued by the RBI in the earlier series will continue to be legal tender.

Let’s know some of the features of new 50 rs note:-

  • The number 50 on the note has been written in Devnagari font.
  • The dimensions of note are 66 mm × 135 mm.

There is Ashoka pillar printed on the right front side on the note. The Printing year is also mentioned and the Governments signature is there to the right of Mahatma gandhi’s Portrait.

It is also expected that RBI will soon launch a new 200 rs note, which will aim to ease lower-denomination currency which have short supply. Finance minister Santosh kumar has stated that the printing of Rs. 200 note has already started.

  • In December, the central bank had said, “The Reserve Bank will shortly issue Rs 50 denomination banknotes in the Mahatma Gandhi Series-2005.

So this is how New 50 Rupee Note with new design looks. I hope you like it.

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