New Blueborne Bluetooth Virus | Everything you need to know

New Blueborne Bluetooth Virus: The first question that comes in your mind is what is Blueborne? Let me explain you what actually it is? BlueBorne is a latest bluetooth attack that can allow cyber criminals to take full control of the targeted device with the help of Bluetooth. What’s really disconcerting is that it doesn’t need to be paired to the targeted device not it doesn’t even need to be in Discoverable mode. The point is to be noted that over 5 billion Bluetooth devices around the world are vulnerable from this security loophole that was marked earlier this week by IoT-focused security research firm, Armis Labs. According to the technical review by the company, BlueBorne is usually dangerous not only because of its massive scale, but because of the loopholes actually open the door for remote code execution as well as process the Man-in-The-Middle attack. This New Blueborne Bluetooth Virus is really a very Dngerous virus that users could face in these days.

Which Devices are Potentially Vulnerable to New Blueborne Bluetooth Virus?

As i mentioned already, the BlueBorne attack potentially Vulnerable to billions of Bluetooth devices, desktops including Android, iOS, Linux and Windows. Overall, there is an estimated about over 2 billion Android devices in the today’s World, almost all devices which are believed to have Bluetooth capability.Also it is to be estimated about 1 billion Windows devices and 1 billion Apple devices and this latest security threat is such a huge cause for concern for cyber-security researchers and device manufacturers all over the world. The two platforms that are mostly vulnerable to this attack are Android and Linux. That’s because the way the Bluetooth functionality is applied in these operating systems makes them highly vulnerable to memory corruption exploits that can be used to run virtually any harmful code remotely, allowing the attacker to use any file or do anything with the system that often fail to detect any infection even after reboots.

New Blueborne Bluetooth Virus

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How to Protect your Bluetooth-Enabled Device From New Blueborne Bluetooth Virus?

How to Protect device from blueborne: While New Blueborne Bluetooth Virus is one of the most extensive and dangerous attack vector there are a couple of ways you can protect yourself from this attack. Firstly, make sure your Bluetooth is deactivated in your device when you’re not using it. Then, make sure your device is up-to-date with all the latest security patches, and although that may not help you in some cases, it is definitely a starting point to protect yourself from this becoming a victim of this attack. Depending on the operating system of your device, you have to take the following steps to make sure your personal info doesn’t go in the wrong hands.

  • How to Protect Android from blueborne?

Google has already released the BlueBorne fixes with its OEM partners last month which was August, 2017. These patches will be available to users around the world this month which is September, and these patches officially released in the Second week of this month. So if you’re using an Android device, go over to Settings > About Device > System Updates and update your device if your device gets any update in your device and if you don’t get any update, you have to wait for the latest update for your phone and even if you don’t receive any update, then your phone might be too old and you won’t get any update in future. The only thing you have to do is just tuned off your bluetooth and don’t use bluetooth, you can use third party applications like Share it and many other which you can download from Google Playstore.

  • How to Protect Windows from blueborne?

Microsoft released the BlueBorne security patch for its operating systems two months before, so as long as you have automatic updates enabled, your pc will update automatically and fix this security patch or you can also manually update your PC which will installed all the latest security patches, that’s how you can protect your windows from this New Blueborne Bluetooth Virus.

  • How to Protect iOS from blueborne?

If you’re using iOS 10 on your device, you don’t need to worry, the patches are already fixed in these updates but if you’re using older versions of the operating system (version 9.3.5 or older), your device is vulnerable until Apple releases a security patch to fix this problem. The only thing you have to do is just tuned off your bluetooth and don’t use bluetooth, you can use third party applications like Share it from the App Store.

  • How to Protect Linux from blueborne?

If you’re running any Linux distro on your PC or using a Linux kernel-based platform like Tizen on your IoT connected devices, you might have to wait longer for the fix because of the coordination required between the Linux kernel security team and the security teams of the various distros. If you want to know techincal knowledge about you can patch and rebuild the BlueZ and the kernel yourself by going over going over here for BlueZ and here for the kernel.

So that’s all i have for you in this Article about how you can prevent yourself from this “New Blueborne Bluetooth Virus”. I hope you like it. Thank you for Reading.

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