Secret Chinese Formula To Look 10 Years Younger

If you are using a simple face wash and make it your routine then you will see the benefits it brings and how the look of your skin will change.

So, take a look at this one natural face wash for which you will need only 2 things: milk and coffee grounds. This wash is really efficient for eliminating the signs of aging and making you look younger. So if you want to know how to look younger read this formula below.


  • Coffee grounds- 1 tbsp
  • Milk- 1 ½ tbsp

Method of preparing:

It is really simple indeed. All you have to do is mix one tbsp of the coffee grounds with 1 ½ tbsp of milk. Mix this until it gets in the form of a paste and then leave it like that for a little, for around 5 minutes.

Then you can apply this mix on your face and massage a little. Then leave it until it gets dry or that is 15-20 minutes. Then use cold water to wash the face.

On this way, you will be able to remove the dead skin from your face and brighten the skin. You can also apply on the neck. Another thing is that this mask has a really refreshing aroma so this will bring up to your energy for the day as well.

Due to the milk that is included in this mix, your skin will be well nourished. You will have clean and baby soft skin by using this face wash.

The coffee that is included inside provides energy and makes your skin more elastic than before. It will also make you look younger by removing the wrinkles and scars from your skin.

So don’t wait and try it! You will see the results even from the first try. It will smoothen your texture and lowers the redness.

Important: It is possible to feel a little tingling from the mask, however, this is not dangerous at all; you will not have any kind of irritation. However, if you feel discomfort then it is best to remove it from your face because every one of us is different and has different reactions to all kind of products no matter if they are only natural.


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